In May 2003 during an event I got talking to my older brother and his close friend about the changes we were all going through in our lives, getting married, about to have children and purchasing our first homes. At this point the industries we all worked in were going through changes, redundancies and job satisfaction was just not there anymore. We wanted to do something that would provide a secure future for our families, offer us with a challenge and also offer job satisfaction.

It was at this point that we agreed how great it would be to work for ourselves and use some of the experiences we all had and to offer people a better service through the industries we had worked in. So we decided we would all quit our jobs and open up our own services business that would serve the Heating Electrical and Plumbing industry, the choice of sector was inspired by my father’s success in this particular sector, and the fact that we had all come from families within the building industry.

As soon as we started up our company we decided to work towards updating our knowledge and gaining professional accreditation’s in the sector to ensure we could offer a professional and reputable service. Within the first year we started stumbling on issues with suppliers offering poor and unreliable service also offering outdated products by not embracing new and innovative technology and design. It was in February 2004 that we decided to open hep Supplies to offer our own company and our customers a better and professional service and product offering.

Many of our customers liked to deal with us because of the time we would spend with them offering a variation of solutions and options, they commented on how we would always take on new products sooner than the majority of our competitors and would always be showing them new things whether it be a new method or a new idea.

Over the years we have developed a very demanding customer base that has influenced us to expand our range of products and in some cases drop certain products. Over those years we have grown our bathroom business by adding Tiles Adhesives and 3d Cad design for bathrooms. We have also taken on some new manufacturers that offer more modern concepts and designs, our most recent expansion has been the addition of our luxury Bathrooms and Kitchens ranges.

At Hep my role is to make sure the brands we take on and the products we supply to our customers are products that will offer good value for money and quality. My job is also to make sure we are always looking at new and innovative designs not only to achieve a better look but to also offer a better performance. My team is here to make sure all our customers are well looked after, whether your spending ten pounds or thousands of pounds we are here to make sure that we offer a first class service.

Harish Vagadia